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Hot off the press

studio lineit's different.
Dieter Bohlen Collection

Red hot news for next year: Spring 2013 will see the launch of the Dieter Bohlen 'it's different' collection which promises to be a real hit!


Bedarfsrechner How many rolls will I need?
The calculator will help you.
How many rolls of wallpaper are you going to need, for example, for a room that is 5.35 metres long, 4.20 metres wide and 2.40 metres high?

Trends in 2015

Trends 2015Trends 2015
Tradition becomes a trend
The tasteful flair of classical patterns is the latest trend in 2015! Graphical and geometrical shapes mingling with a touch of purism....

Promo video

ImagefilmThis Is Us!
Promotional video for P+S wallpaper.
Our striking new video will tell you all about our company, what we stand for, and the innovative ways in which we work.


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