With tomorrow in mind


All our production processes take account of the requirements in respect of environmentally-sound procedures. The waste gases generated by the printing and drying processes are extracted and treated in a modern adsorption plant or a thermal secondary combustion plant. The solvents recovered are fed back into the production process and the water is disposed of as normal waste water following appropriate testing. This means that cleaned waste air from the secondary combustion plant is routed for energy recovery and discharged into the atmosphere. This ensures that the waste air is cleaned and the energy used to supply the production systems.

Serious matter of recycling


Most of the waste resulting from wallpaper production is recycled and added to a circular flow of potentially recyclable resources. Base paper for new wallpaper is created from paper and cardboard. We have also jointly developed a method for treating washing waste and residual plastisols with Wallcover Tapetenproduktions GmbH (WCT). All domestic and some international wallpaper manufacturers now send their PVC waste to WCT. This means that washing waste and plastisol waste no longer has to be disposed of as hazardous waste. 2,000 tons of waste each year is converted in this way into marketable PVC granulate.